Viper 1/4", 5/16", & 3/8" Thick Hub Centric Wheel Spacer - Fits all Dodge Vipers

CNC machined from aircraft 6061-T6 Aluminum, available in 1/4, 5/16, & 3/8" thick, 6 X 4.50 bolt pattern.

All of our wheel spacers are hub centric, as they register on the bearing hub not the wheel studs. We have two versions of our wheel spacers ¼" to 3/8" which are too thin to support an external hub, and a spacer that has an external hub as showed below. As the Viper has a bearing surface that the spacers or wheel ride on that is 3/8" long you can see there is no way to have an external hub the same size as the internal bore needed to fit on the bearing hub on any spacer less than 3/8". Our wheel spacers with the external hub start at .420" thick and go up from there to insure there is enough material to support the wheel and not be knock off due too thin of a web between the internal bore and external hub.



IPS111 - XX................ $35.00ea. (No External Hub)

XX - 25 = 1/4"

XX - 31 = 5/16"

XX - 38 = 3/8"


Wheel Spacers without external Hub


IPS111 - 420................ $65.00ea. (External Hub Design .420" Thick)

Call for Custom thickness needed


Wheel Spacers with External Hub


All of our wheel spacers are hub-centric by registering on the wheel hub not the wheel studs. Lug Nuts should be tightened in a pattern shown below and torque in 3 steps to help insure wheel centering when lug nuts are tight.
"Note: Wheel Spacers fill a cosmetic purpose, not a performance modification. Some sanctioning bodies exclude wheel spacers from HPDE track or competition events."