2014-2017 C7 Corvette Front & Rear tow Hook


From the factory no tow hook is supplied with your corvette, so if you break down the tow truck driver will have to hook on to something under your car which will not be good. Our Front and Rear Tow hooks are made from High-Strength Stainless steel and 6061-T6 Aircraft Alum. With their D shaped tow ring which automatically adjusts for the correct pulling angle gives the Tow truck driver something to hook onto using a sling strap. The IPSCO Tow Hook in installed in the factory designed frame position in the front and rear frame members for towing. The D-ring meets SCCA 2" diameter requirement if you track your car. Installation takes less than 10 minutes to install both tow hooks, and when hooks are not needed they can be flipped down and out of the way.

Fits: 2014+ Stingray, ZO6 and Grand Sport Corvettes.


IPS601 Front Tow Hook Assembly .......$129.00

IPS602 Rear Tow Hook Assembly ........$119.00

IPS603 Front & Rear Tow Hook Set ....$199.00